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AAA of Northern CA, NV, and UT recently split its operations into a for-profit Insurance division and a not-for-profit Auto division (or Auto Club). The Auto Club needed to migrate all its data and applications into its new infrastructure while keeping its existing reporting and operational processes running as usual.

  • Data sources (spreadsheets, flat files, databases) spread over multiple data centers
  • Long deployment times for ETL processes leading to operational downtimes, delayed reporting
  • High maintenance costs in modifying ETL processes as infrastructure design changed and finalized


  • Data Virtualization enabled an abstraction layer over existing and new infrastructures
  • Old sources switched out for new ones as migration completed
  • Data consuming applications and users masked from underlying migration complexities


  • Quick deployment enabled company to meet key project deadlines
  • Abstraction layer minimized migration impact on reporting and operations
  • Reduced maintenance and development costs from minimized modifications to ETL processes

The Quotes

“Data Virtualization has been amazing in that it has given us faster and easier ways to do things”

“It was very easy to get our team up to speed and function productively with Denodo”

“Data Virtualization has definitely met our expectations with our initial set of use cases, but also opened up options in new IT areas”

“As we used Denodo, we have had a number of ‘a-ha’ moments when we discovered new features in the platform that we could use in our projects.”

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