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  • Data sources spread across hundreds of structured and unstructured sources including Oracle, SQL Server, Lotus Notes, VSAM files, documents etc.
  • Manual data extraction leads to increased costs and limits scalability
  • Reduced ability for OIG to proactively act to prevent fraudulent activities


  • Denodo Data Virtualization deployed across the disparate OIG sources to create a unified view of data
  • The unified data is fed to predictive analytics and data mining tools
  • Data security implemented in Denodo right down to the column levels for the data sources - Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, Lotus Notes


  • Reduced costs in manual data extraction due to the unified, normalized view of data sources provided by Denodo
  • Increased insight due to the unified data layer enabled by Denodo leading to more proactive action by OIG to prevent fraudulent activities
  • Minimized replication of the high volume sources leading to greater agility and reduced maintenance

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