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US Department of VA


U.S Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), the government-run military veteran benefit system, faced a number of challenges with consolidating information on its data center operations.

  • Data center information spread out in disparate sources
  • Challenges with getting ‘updated’ data as sources are frequently changing
  • Extracting data out of internal and external web application portals was cumbersome


  • Denodo deployed to build a unified view of data center information
  • Real-time integration of multiple sources to feed reporting tools and dashboards
  • Web automation capability used to integrate portal data with relational sources


  • Semantic business view of data – Denodo’s diverse connectivity, which included relational and web data sources’ allowed VA to consolidate disparate data center information into a unified view and build canonical business views of this data for easy consumption
  • Real-time data – VA replaced its ETL workflows with virtual views so that it can avoid delays due to a batch process and provide its users with real-time, up-to-date data center information
  • Reduced resource costs – VA used Denodo’s web automation capability to automate the extraction of web data and reduced the high resource costs expended on manual extraction

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