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Pantex Plant is the National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA) production integrator and provider of nuclear deterrent for the Department of Defense. The company faced challenges with securely sharing weapons lifecycle data across multiple NNSA facilities and this led to delays in projects and rising maintenance costs.

  • Data sharing - Different legacy systems, applications, data formats across facilities
  • Data delivery – No central repository for quick data access
  • Governance– Multiple ungoverned data copies
  • Security – Sharing data across facilities susceptible to security breaches


  • NNSA leverages Data Virtualization to build an ‘Integrated Digital Environment” across facilities
  • Pantex facility selected to lead the deployment
  • Pantex deploys Data Virtualization in test projects in-house and across 2 facilities to ensure it meets enterprise requirements
  • After success of initial projects, scaling deployment across other facilities


Implementing data virtualization in multiple initiatives resulted in Pantex realizing a 15% return in only three months of production. Business benefits include -

  • Reduced costs in training, licensing and maintenance
  • Shorter project cycles from timely sharing of data
  • Reduced risk by enabling better security

The Quotes

“Serving the Nuclear Security Enterprise through a highly reliable combination of people, processes, infrastructure and business systems, the Pantex Plant is charged with securing America by providing services that focus on four core missions: national security, nuclear explosive operations, nuclear material operations, and high explosive operations. With a long-term mission of safely and securely maintaining the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile and dismantling weapons retired by the military, our data virtualization strategy plays an important role in expediting projects by enabling fast and secure movement of data through different facilities.”
Stefanie Elsea, Program Information Technologist, B&W Pantex

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