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Packed Lunch Data Virtualization Webinars


Data virtualization has gone mainstream! It has been adopted as a critical information management capability by leading firms such as AAA and Biogen Idec. Industry experts and analysts affirm its strategic role in enterprise architecture for increasing agility and flexibility in the delivery of information. Data virtualization addresses some of the most pressing data and process integration challenges facing organizations today. These challenges include:

  • Accessing, managing, and integrating data from ever growing data sources - cloud, web, social, big data, the 'internet of things', etc.
  • Delivering all types of data - structured, semi-structured, and unstructured - when and where it';'s needed.
  • Doing all of this quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively in response to the demands of the business.

Join Denodo for this webinar series that addresses the key value of data virtualization technology, its capabilities, usage patterns, customer case studies and differentiation from traditional integration technologies. Attend these webinars and find out how data virtualization can address organizations most challenging data integration problems to leverage their most valuable asset - their data!

Data Virtualization: An IntroductionREGISTER
Delivering an Agile BI Strategy with Data VirtualizationREGISTER
Leveraging Big Data in Your Enterprise with Data VirtualizationREGISTER
Capitalizing on Your SOA with Data VirtualizationREGISTER
Implementing Data Virtualization for DW and MDM ExtensionsREGISTER
Data Virtualization for Single Entity/Customer ViewREGISTER


40-45 minutes

Who Should Attend?

Organizations looking to overcome data
integration issues traditional data integration tools and approaches cannot solve... rapidly and cost-effectively

  • Senior IT Leadership
  • Information Strategy Experts
  • BI, Data Integration, Enterprise Architects
  • Owners of Information-driven Applications