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Denodo's Data Mashup Delivers Big-Picture BI by Blending Internal and External Information Sources

Featuring Suresh Chandrasekaran and Ron Powell
Audio / Visual Presentation: 11 minutes

Suresh Chandrasekaran, Denodo's VP of Marketing, explains how Denodo helps companies utilize Enterprise Data Mashups and semantic Web data technologies to federate internal and external data sources to create a new level of business and competitive intelligence.

Suresh Chandrasekaran

"Organizations are increasingly recognizing the gains that can be realized when internal and external data sources can be integrated," said Suresh Chandrasekaran, Senior VP of North America for Denodo. "They also realize that it is too costly, time consuming and expensive to physically consolidate all internal, Web, and unstructured data into a data warehouse. Data mashups combine data virtualization with selective caching and physical data consolidation (ETL) as needed. This is an ideal approach to addressing today’s diverse data integration needs and is a ‘must have’ for companies looking to maximize the value of internal, external, structured and unstructured data sources."

Ron Powell

"The Denodo data mashup architecture is a unique combination of data integration technologies," says Ron Powell, Cofounder and Editorial Director of the BeyeNETWORK. "Denodo helps organizations leverage their information assets to create new business applications based on fresher and more complete data feeds. Denodo’s mashup technologies make it possible to leverage all relevant data sources regardless of structure or location." .