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Unlocking Agility with Data Virtualization Featuring Guest Speaker, Brian Hopkins,
Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Leading organizations are adopting Data Virtualization at a rapid pace — What drives them and what can you learn from their experience?

In this webinar, Brian Hopkins will explain how leading organizations are deploying Data Virtualization in different ways — as a real-time integration utility tool, at an enterprise scale to create a unified data services strategy, and to integrate new cloud, unstructured and big data sources. Regardless of the approach the result is increased agility and IT/Business innovation.

This webinar will cover:

  • Organizations that use Data Virtualization as a utility tool directly in support of agile BI, big data analytics, cloud integration and single view applications
  • How companies evolve Data Virtualization from tactical projects to enterprise level adoption of an agile data services strategy
  • Case studies to demonstrate successful deployments of Data Virtualization by leading organizations in financial services, telecommunications and life sciences
  • Forrester's recommendations on what to look for and how to be successful with your Data Virtualization initiative

View the sequel to this webinar “Data Virtualization-Strategic Implementation for Dynamic Linked Data Services – An Interview with Leading Investment Management Company by Brian Hopkins, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research”