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Data Virtualization
Unleashing the Full Value of Big Data

Find out more from the leading authority on data virtualization,
Rick van der Lans!

Big Data is being talked about everywhere… in IT and business conferences, venture capital, legal, medical and government summits, blogs and tweets … even in The Times newspaper! The prevailing mindset is that if you don’t have a Big Data project, you’re going to be left behind. In turn, CIO’s are feeling pressured to do something – anything – about Big Data. So while they are putting up Hadoop clusters and crunching some data, they need to ensure that they are not creating new data silos which will trap the real value of Big Data.

This webinar will discuss how Data Virtualization can help to simplify the integration of Big Data with your existing information infrastructure (enterprise databases, data warehouses, ETL processes, and so on) to unlock the full potential of your Big Data projects.

Join us to get unique insights into:

  • Big Data…Hype or Here to Stay – What is Big Data and why does it matter?
  • The New World of Analytics – Traditional BI and Big Data: Leveraging all of your data (traditional, NoSQL, Hadoop, etc.) to give better insights.
  • Data Virtualization Opens Up Big Data – How Data Virtualization helps combine SQL and Big Data for broader leverage and to open up Big Data stacks.