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Connect, Combine, Publish Easily with Data Virtualization - Denodo 6.0 Demo
Watch this short demo of the award-winning Denodo Platform 6.0 to understand what data virtualization is and how the advanced capabilities of Denodo 6.0 can accelerate your fast data strategy. But don't take our word for it, watch our Denodo 6.0 demo to see data virtualization in action.
Improving Agility Along the Value Chain with the Logical Data Warehouse
While companies focus on obtaining a holistic view of their data to make insight-driven decisions, IT departments struggle with the uncontrollable growth of hundreds of data silos and different information systems that prevent them from delivering true business value. This webinar is presented by Mike Ferguson, Independent Analyst and Managing Director of Intelligent Business Strategies Limited.The fact is traditional data integration approaches are no longer sufficient to support fast data flow in organizations. Data is being replicated and fragmented and this slows down reporting processes...
What’s new in Denodo Platform 6.0
In this session Alberto Pan, CTO at Denodo, introduces the new functionalities of the Denodo 6.0 detailing dynamic query optimization engine, managing enterprise deployments, and using information self-service for discovery and search.
Getting Started with Data Virtualization – What problems DV solves
Industry experts and analysts affirm data virtualization's strategic role in enterprise architecture for increasing agility and flexibility in the delivery of information. In this presentation, discover how data virtualization enables organizations to access, manage, and integrate data from a wide variety of data sources (Cloud, Web, Social, Big Data, the “Internet of Things”, etc.) – quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.
Linked Data Services, and How to Take Them to Their Full Potential
Discover how Denodo’s Data Virtualization Platform can expose ALL your enterprise data assets as fully RESTful linked data services: a unified virtual data layer that will provide canonical business views of your disparate data assets.
Pantex Deploys Denodo to Enhance Nuclear Security Through Secure, Agile Data Delivery
PALO ALTO, CA, October 8, 2013 – Denodo Technologies, the leader in data virtualization, today announced that B&W Pantex has deployed the Denodo Platform in its facility to enable agile and secure delivery of weapon lifecycle information to engineers, scientists, and other users. B&W Pantex, which is the prime contractor for management and operations of the Pantex Plant, serves as the Department of Energy - National Nuclear Security Administration's (NNSA) production integrator and provider of nuclear deterrent for the Department of Defense. The Denodo Platform will enable Pantex to...
Data Virtualization for Agile Data Provisioning
In today´s data-run world, it is not only analytical applications that need to access data from diverse sources but operational and transactional applications and processes as well. What is required is a platform that will deliver any (combination of) data to any application at any time (and in context), in other words: agile and unified data provisioning.
Why Agile Reporting and Operational BI Are a Perfect Fit for Data Virtualization
Featuring Suresh Chandrasekaran and Ron Powell. In this exclusive interview with Ron Powell, Cofounder and Editorial Director of the Business Intelligence Network, Suresh Chandrasekaran, Sr. VP North America, Denodo Technologies, describes the benefits of data virtualization for business intelligence (BI) and shares through customer examples how Denodo is used for agile reporting and operational BI.