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Two Denodo Customers Named Winners of the 2016 Ventana Research Business Leadership Award
Seacoast Bank and BioStorage Technologies Recognized for Using Denodo Platform for Business Intelligence and Operational Intelligence Respectively.
The Big BI Dilemma - Bimodal Logical Data Warehouse to the Rescue!
 The classic unimodal data warehouse architecture has expired because it is restricted to primarily supporting structured data but not the newer data types such as social, streaming, and IoT data. New BI architecture, such as “logical data warehouse”, is required to augment the traditional and rigid unimodal data warehouse systems with a new bimodal data warehouse architecture to support requirements that are experimental, flexible, explorative, and self-service oriented.Learn from the Logical Data Warehousing expert, Rick van der Lans, about how you can implement an agile data strategy using...
Developing a Bimodal Logical Data Warehouse Architecture Using Data Virtualization
By Independent Industry Analyst Rick van der LansOrganizations can no longer afford to rely on a traditional data warehouse solution to support new business intelligence (BI) requirements along with their existing BI workloads. The rigid development, operation, and management process that characterizes traditional solutions is insufficient to support new BI requirements such as fast and agile report development, investigative analytics, data science and self-service BI.
Improving Agility While Widening Profit Margins Using Data Virtualization
Industry experts and analysts recognize data virtualization as a strategic enterprise architecture, increasing agility and flexibility in the delivery of information from any source. In this video, independent analyst, Mike Ferguson, talks about the increasingly complex data landscape and how data virtualization improves business performance and agility while reducing time to value and increasing revenue in the logical data warehouse.Mike Ferguson is Managing Director of Intelligent Business Strategies Limited. As an analyst and consultant, he specializes in business intelligence, data...
Data Virtualization: Advancements Driving Broad Adoption
Traditional data integration approaches can no longer satisfy today’s new requirements - increasing data volumes, heterogeneous complexity, and extreme agility required to support new business initiatives. Data Virtualization's flexible architecture and expanding features are driving broad adoption and growth as enterprise architects use the technology to create a virtual data services layer to support requirements for secure, self-service access to real-time or batch data for a wide range of applications and processes.
Independent Research Firm Names Denodo as a Leader in Enterprise Data Virtualization
PALO ALTO, CA, March 17, 2015 Cited for Continuous Product Innovation - Denodo Ranks in Top 2 for Current Offering. Denodo Technologies today announced that it has been positioned as a Leader in Forrester Research's new report: The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Virtualization, Q1 2015. Forrester evaluated nine vendors against criteria found in three categories: current offering, strategy and market presence. The report recognized that the data virtualization market is thriving with over two dozen solutions, and more mature solutions available to support very large and complex deployments....
DBTA 100 2014: The Companies That Matter Most in Data
Here, Database Trends and Applications magazine introduces the second annual “DBTA 100” list of companies that matter most in data. Data management challenges and opportunities have intensified over the past year. Big data continues to impact organizations as they seek to extract value from the large quantities of data flowing in from traditional and newer sources social media sites, blogs, sensors, meters, and transactional systems, to name just a few. Separately, although related, massive data growth has continued to put pressure on IT resources and budgets.
Denodo Named Cool Vendor in Data Management and Integration, 2007 by Gartner
Denodo received "Cool Vendor" status for its innovative approach to integrating structured and unstructured data. According to Gartner's "Cool Vendors in Data Management and Integration" report, "Data integration tools are evolving toward the unification of structured and unstructured data, and will begin to include semantic capabilities. Gartner recommends companies "Investigate data integration technologies that can unify both structured and unstructured data, and resolve semantic discrepancies across data silos." Gartner defines a "Cool Vendor" as a company that offers technologies or...