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ED & BI IRM-Enterprise Data and BI Conference Europe 2016
Denodo is delighted to participate in the Enterprise Data and BI Conference Europe 2016 in London for the fourth consecutive year as a platinum sponsor. Join us as well as other data professional and experts from around the world to discuss today’s main Data and BI challenges and best practices. If you haven’t registered to attend yet, get a 10% discount on your registration with the following code: DEN10. We look forward to seeing you there! 
Supporting Data Services Marketplace using Data Virtualization
Data is treated truly as an asset at Guardian Life. We have created a Data Services Marketplace which contains valuable data from the underlying sources and is used by business users for day-to-day operations. In this presentation we will talk about how Data Virtualization can be used to support the marketplace with real-time data services, provision non real-time data into Hadoop, and swap underlying sources without effecting business users.
Data Virtualization in the Cloud – Accelerating Time-to-Value
Logitech's cloud deployment of data virtualization has empowered their IT organization to redefine the way data services are produced and delivered for analytics. Logitech will present their strategy on how organizations can become more agile and increase time-to-delivery.
Data Virtualization Journey: How to Grow from Single Project and to Enterprise Adoption
Data virtualization is an agile technology that can be deployed for multiple use cases within a company. In this presentation, Intel will present their journey, starting small and growing Data Virtualization to an Enterprise IT enabling use cases such as samples management, cloud, and big data for sales and marketing.
Connect, Combine, Publish Easily with Data Virtualization
The best way to understand the basics of data virtualization it to look at the product in action. Learn how to connect to multiple data sources, create a combination of diverse data sets and expose it to a reporting tool and as a web service. This information will also be available via the Information Self Service Tool, a web-based interface for business users, new to Denodo 6.0.
Performance in a Logical Data Warehouse
This video focuses on the performance of a logical data warehouse.Pablo Álvarez, Principal Technical Account Manager at Denodo, tackles the topic of performance by explaining the elements of the Denodo Platform query optimizer. He then challenges myths about virtual performance by comparing the logical data warehouse with the physical data warehouse using standard benchmarking tests.Álvarez covers some technical details about specific features that increase the logical data warehouse performance, using examples such as multi-source query execution, intelligent caching and the optimized...
Logical Data Warehouse Customer Success Stories
Paul Moxon, Sr. Director in the Strategic Technology Office at Denodo, uses Autodesk as an example of a logical data warehouse customer success story. Autodesk is an American multinational software corporation that makes software for architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, and entertainment industries. To overcome various business and technology challenges and change their licensing model from conventional perpetual license to a subscription-based license, Autodesk implemented a logical data warehouse.
Common Patterns for a Logical Data Warehouse
Pablo Álvarez, Principal Technical Account Manager at Denodo, speaks about common patterns for a logical data warehouse based on experience with customers.He identifies six common patterns and explains each in detail, including the virtual data mart, data warehouse extended with master data, data warehouse extended with cloud data, integration of multiple data warehouses, data warehouse horizontal partitioning with historical data in cheaper storage, and data warehouse vertical partitioning with rarely used data in cheaper storage. This video is part of the Denodo Educational Seminar (...
The Logical Data Warehouse
What is a logical data warehouse? Paul Moxon, Sr. Director in the Strategic Technology Office at Denodo, describes a logical data warehouse as a data system similar to that of a traditional enterprise data warehouse, but one that also includes data from external sources. According to Moxon, the main motive for implementing a logical data warehouse is to improve decision making and reduce cost.Moxon presents the logical data warehouse architecture and explains how to build a virtual logical model of your data, connecting to different external repositories (Oracle, Teradada, Hadoop, NoSQL,...