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Session 4: Business Agility Must Be Based on a New Flexible and Agile Data Approach
Gaining a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs, contextual marketing, and overall business intelligence and agility depend on accurate, timely, and relevant data. This data needs to be collected from a growing number of internal and external sources and then combined, refined, and fueled into a diverse portfolio of business intelligence and process applications.Join guest speaker Holger Kisker Ph.D. as he discusses what companies need today: a flexible data management architecture to cope with both traditional and emerging sources of data (in any structure), advanced data analytics...
Session 3: Build a Contextual Marketing Engine and Fuel It with Data
Traditional sources of competitive advantage have eroded as digitally-empowered customers have taken ownership of the relationships they have with companies and brands. These customers are out-running marketing campaigns and they expect high levels of personalization and relevance in their interactions. To succeed in this environment, marketers and business leaders must build what Forrester calls a contextual marketing engine, a brand-specific platform that exploits customer context to deliver utility and guide the customer into the next best interaction. Fueling this engine is data—about...