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Data Virtualization for Agile Enterprise Architectures
Organizations are rapidly adopting data virtualization to meet the need for agile integration and real-time access to growing volumes of information assets from disparate sources. Learn about use cases that illustrate how Denodo customers use high-performance data virtualization for stand-alone projects and to add enterprise-wide data services capabilities.
Vodafone Reduces Service Response Time by 66% and Improves Overall Quality of Customer Service Using Denodo Data Virtualization
In order to optimize their customer service response time and to improve the overall customer experience, Vodafone needed to provide integrated customer information to their call centers and customer portals. For that Vodafone chose the Denodo Platform, to provide a single access point to all the information needed. The Denodo solution offered them the ability to extract data from multiple internal information systems (CRM, billing, support incidents, provisioning, data warehouse, etc.), providing their customer service agents a unified real-time view of their clients.
Unlock the Value of Your Data & Dramatically Improve Your Customer Service
Gaining an accurate and timely 360° view of all of the information about your customers will enable you to significantly improve the quality of service you provide and enable your Customer Service to become a key weapon in increasing your competitive differentiation.
Video: Data Virtualization for Call Centers – Smart, Smarter, and Smarterer
Jazztel, a leading telecommunications and data transmission carrier with call centers in Europe and South America, was faced with a challenge of increased manual processing which required agents to consult and utilize many different systems to address customer queries. This session will talk about how Jazztel used a Data Virtualization platform to automate their customer information systems and achieved a customer satisfaction index of over 94%, decreased back-office workload by more than 50% and doubled their level of customer retention.
Data Virtualization R: a Success Story
Leveraging the real value of all data is not an easy task. Organizations compile and store data from multiple channels, stored in different information systems, from heterogeneous environments, and in different formats. Direct and real time access to data and the efficient management of this data is a growing concern. The scale of the problem is such that it can lead to the downfall not only of ICT projects, but also of strategic business initiatives and even companies. An organization´s data integration layer is a critical component and there is a tendency to be overly optimistic about its...