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Denodo Platform 6.0 Whitepaper
The award winning Denodo Platform is already known for its broadest connectivity to structured, unstructured, and non-traditional data sources and universal applicability to both operational and analytical use cases. The recent release of Denodo Platform 6.0 delivers breakthrough performance in big data, logical data warehouse, and operational scenarios, accelerates solution adoption and expedites use of data by business users.The Denodo Platform 6.0 represents a significant breakthrough in data virtualization technology, with the introduction of the following key features:
Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit 2016
Choose from over 20 sessions on customer case studies, education on data virtualization, and technical deep-dives filled with presentations, panels, and demos. Walk away with practical knowledge about embedding fast data strategy within your IT projects. Become a friend of the business by providing faster insights and enabling rapid decision-making.
World’s First Fast Data Strategy Conference
20+ Sessions to Accelerate your BI, Cloud and Big Data projects
The Utilization of Information Architecture at the Enterprise Level Analysis 2013
This report investigates the level of Information Architecture (IA) implementation and usage at the enterprise level. The primary support for the report is an analysis of a 2013 DATAVERSITY™ survey on Data and Information Architecture. This new information architecture study finds few enterprises can identify or manage lifecycle of critical data assets and ranks Data Virtualization top on list of new ways to close gap.
Data Virtualization and SOA Architectures
Widely recognized as the foundation of Software Orientated Architectures, an ESB serves as an integration and communication layer between different enterprise systems, the infrastructure that connects business applications and data sources, applying data transformations in the workflow process and orchestrating results. Thus, it may appear that this technology overlaps with Data Virtualization. However, in this paper we explore:
Data Virtualization and ETL
A question that is frequently asked is “when should I use data virtualization and when should I use ETL tools?” Other variants of this question is “does data virtualization replace ETL?” or “I’ve already got ETL, why do I need data virtualization?”  This Denodo Technologies architecture brief will answer these questions. Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) is a good solution for physical data consolidation projects which result in duplicating data from the original data sources into an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) or a new database. This includes:
Information Superiority for Defense Intelligence
Defense and security agencies worldwide are leveraging technology in new ways to deliver information superiority. The new realities of digital warfare, counter terrorism and homeland security demand information to be accessed from geographically dispersed structured and unstructured sources, analysis and delivery of actionable insight in real-time to acting units. Learn how data virtualization aids intelligence acquisition and delivery for EU homeland security.