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The Governed Data Lake – Putting Big Data to Work
Data lakes are en vogue, especially when you based it on avant-garde in-memory technologies such as Spark. However, these investments don’t deliver the anticipated benefits when they are not properly governed in conjunction with legacy data warehouses and other data source.In this presentation, the Enterprise Architect at Autodesk, Mark Eaton will present:The philosophies behind agile, modern (Spark-based) data architecturesHow to use a logical data warehouse/ data lake as part of the data governance strategyBuilding an information architecture – dos and don’tsThis session is part of the...
Extended Data Warehouse - A New Data Architecture for Modern BI
SpeakersDr. Claudia Imhoff, President, Intelligent Solutions & Founder, Boulder BI Brain TrustPaul Moxon, Head of Product Management at DenodoSummaryBig Data, Internet of Things, Data Lakes, Streaming Analytics, Machine Learning…these are just a few of the buzzwords being thrown around in the world of data management today. They provide us with new sources of data, new forms of analytics, and new ways of storing, managing and utilizing our data. The reality however, is that traditional Data Warehouse architectures are no longer able to handle many of these new technologies and a new data...
Data Warehousing & BI Summit (The Netherlands)
Denodo is sponsoring the Data Warehousing & BI Summit, the International Conference on Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence with top rated speakers such as Claudia Imhoff, Rick van der Lans, Colin White and Mike Ferguson. We will be presenting our data virtualization platform in our booth, and we will also be hosting a conference showing how data virtualization can help organizations to manage their data.
Data Virtualization and ETL
A question that is frequently asked is “when should I use data virtualization and when should I use ETL tools?” Other variants of this question is “does data virtualization replace ETL?” or “I’ve already got ETL, why do I need data virtualization?”  This Denodo Technologies architecture brief will answer these questions. Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) is a good solution for physical data consolidation projects which result in duplicating data from the original data sources into an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) or a new database. This includes:
Data Virtualization Usage Patterns for Business Intelligence/ Data Warehouse Architectures
Today’s users demand reports with better business insights, more information sources, real-time data, more self-service and want these delivered more quickly, making it hard for the BI professionals to meet such expectations. This white paper outlines how the use of Data Virtualization can help BI professionals to accomplish these goals.