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Large American Financial Holding Company Supports Regulatory Compliance with an Agile, Modern Data Architecture
This large financial holding company based in the United States has crossed $50 billion threshold in assets, with the latest acquisition of a retail bank, making it a systemically important financial institution and subjecting themselves to stringent regulatory oversight. To meet compliance requirements, the company needs a controlled data environment to enable intercompany data transfers with a complete understanding of lineage from source to destination. Data virtualization from Denodo enables this finance company to create a Data Services Layer with the agility to integrate new data...
Track Keynote: Accelerating Self-Service BI with Logical Data Warehouse
Business intelligence is a critical requirement for understanding business operations and taking timely decisions to stay competitive. However, it can be a challenge if business has to depend on IT to customize the reports every time, thus delaying the timely availability of insights. Self-service BI is needed to address this issue.In this presentation, the VP of Data Warehouse at Seacoast Bank, Mark Blanchette will present:How existing BI systems that are inflexible can constrain the availability of insights to businessBuilding a logical data warehouse as the enterprise data warehousing...
A Strategic Journey to Simplify Complex Data Integration
     A case study by the Johannesburg Stock ExchangeDenodo and Hoonar Tekwurks Consulting have joined forces to develop this webinar with the purpose of introducing data virtualization, its features and benefits to the wider business community in South Africa through a customer case study by the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) presented by Zakeera Mahomed, Lead Enterprise Architect and Chester Enslin, Application Portfolio Manager at JSE.Data virtualization facilitates and expedites access and exploration of important data in a timely and cost-effective manner, enabling organizations to...
Revolution Banking 2016
Come visit Denodo at Revolution Banking 2016 in Madrid (Spain). Ángel Viña, CEO of Denodo, and José Valiño Blanco, CIO of ABANCA, will discuss the key to success of Big Data projects in commercial banking in a session at 12PM. Additionally, Denodo will be sponsoring an executive lunch onsite.
Reintegra Increases Its Debt Collection Rate by 5 Percent and Improves the Productivity of Its Search Processes x40
With the economic crisis and a significant fall in consumer spend, the financial impact of delayed collections is growing significantly. Estimates are that delayed payments impose a financial cost of over 0.5% on a company’s invoicing. In addition, such delays are the cause of 25% of bankruptcies. With over 50% of invoices paid late, efficient collections management and debt recovery can significantly impact a company's well being, especially in their access to funding.
Data Virtualization — Strategic Implementation for Dynamic Linked Data Services
An Interview with Leading Investment Management Company by Brian Hopkins, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research. In an earlier webinar, "Unlocking Agility with Data Virtualization", Brian Hopkins of Forrester Research described the tactical use of Data Virtualization as a utility tool to complement traditional data integration approaches.In this sequel, Brian Hopkins will discuss a different, strategic, enterprise-wide approach to Data Virtualization with Greg Williams and Martyn Hill, the architect and implementation lead respectively for this project at Leading Investment Management Company...
Video: Automating Trace Processes for Positive ROI – A Financial Services Case Study
The value of a technology is in the ROI it delivers. In this session, we start by looking at the business impact of automating the Trace process at Direct Legal & Collections, the UK’s largest debt collection provider. The Trace and Verify aspects of the Collections process are typically very manually intensive and a significant proportion of an agent’s time is spent on getting to a point in the process where they can use their experience and knowledge. By reducing this manual effort and fully harnessing the power of Web Automation technology, DLC have been able to reduce costs, speed up...