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Denodo Announces Validation on HPE Vertica, Joins HPE Big Data Platform Technology Alliance
PALO ALTO, CA, October 31, 2016 - Denodo, the leader in data virtualization, today announced that Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has tested and validated the Denodo Platform for integration with HPE Vertica, the industry’s most advanced SQL database analytics platform. The integration of Denodo’s platform will enable customers to integrate HPE Vertica with the Denodo Platform as either a data source or a high-performance cache, with maximum interoperability and performance. Additionally, customers will be able to build a logical data warehouse architecture, which was identified by Gartner...
Integration of the Denodo Platform with HPE Vertica
Learn how to integrate HPE Vertica into the logical data warehouse using the Denodo Platform.
Denodo Expands the Logical Data Warehouse with Support for HPE Vertica
Understand the benefits of using the Denodo Platform with HPE Vertica, and how you can leverage this integration to improve performance increase information agility.