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Supporting Data Services Marketplace using Data Virtualization
Data is treated truly as an asset at Guardian Life. We have created a Data Services Marketplace which contains valuable data from the underlying sources and is used by business users for day-to-day operations. In this presentation we will talk about how Data Virtualization can be used to support the marketplace with real-time data services, provision non real-time data into Hadoop, and swap underlying sources without effecting business users.
Data Virtualization Brings Business Agility to Insurance
Insurance companies are changing strategies for customer growth and retention in response to distribution destruction, catastrophic events, risk-capital regulation, and sharper profiling. Data is essential to these offensive and defensive strategies, but companies struggle to leverage data in disparate internal silos and new external sources in a timely fashion to derive competitive advantage. This document explains how data virtualization addresses this challenge by combining disparate data sources into a single “virtual” data layer that provides a normalized view of different sources and...
Banking & Insurance CIO
Banking & Insurance CIO is an exclusive event for CIOs. It hosts up to 32 different speakers and Expert Panels to discover top-notch technologies and examine how they can impact your business. Denodo will attend the Banking & Insurance CIO as a Platinum sponsor and will participate in an expert panel about Customer Experience.
Insight & Analytics for Insurance Summit
Denodo is sponsoring the Insight & Analytics for Insurance Summit. We will demonstrate our data virtualization solution in our booth, and also Mark Pritchard (sales engineer and consultant) will be presenting different Big Data Analitycs case studies in the insurance area.
Company DescriptionOver the past 85 years, focusing on customers and valuing people have helped Nationwide become one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world.Even though they have dozens of affiliated companies, people are their biggest resource – and their greatest asset in providing excellent customer service to their customers. That’s why their Supply Management Services group makes sure their agents and associates get the best quality products and services, at the best possible cost. It’s also why they have an Office of Customer Advocacy.