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Initiate Logical Data Lake Strategy for IoT
The next industrial revolution is on the horizon, driven by the application of big data, IoT and Cloud technologies.Join Hortonworks and Denodo for a discussion of the synergy between Hadoop Data Lake and the Internet of Things.  This webinar will include a live demonstration illustrating the ease of leveraging your IoT data lake for Enterprise Analytics.Attend & Learn:
Realizing the Promise of Data Lakes
The expanding volume and variety of data originating from sources that are both internal and external to the enterprise are challenging businesses in harnessing their big data for actionable insights.
A Survey-based Research Perspective: Fulfilling the Promise of Data Lakes
 Manage your data lakes using data virtualization to overcome the challenges of big data and power your analytics with reliable insights.
Designing Fast Data Architecture for Big Data using Logical Data Warehouse and Data Lakes
/*-->*/ Companies such as Autodesk are fast replacing the once-true- and-tried physical data warehouses with logical data warehouses/ data lakes. Why? Because they are able to accomplish the same results in 1/6 th of the time and with 1/4 th of the resources.In this webinar, Autodesk’s Platform Lead, Kurt Jackson,, will describe how they designed a modern fast data architecture as a single unified logical data warehouse/ data lake using data virtualization and contemporary big data analytics like Spark.Logical data warehouse / data lake is a virtual abstraction layer over the physical data...