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[E-Book] Data Virtualization: Agile Data Solutions for Life Sciences
The Denodo Data Virtualization Platform addresses several problems of data integration for many of the worlds major life sciences organizations. Read this whitepaper to learn how well-defined and well-executed customization and integration projects can achieve timely and measurable objectives that increase revenue, improve productivity, and decrease costs—while also providing agile frameworks for future change.
Video: MDM 3.0 - Virtual MDM and Distributed Data Governance: Advanced Hybrid Approaches in MDM's Future
MDM has become a highly debated issue due to high costs and disruptions for enterprise deployments while the high level of dynamism inherent in data sources today is eroding the value of the proverbial golden record. Further, with information consumers demanding more control over defining master data to match changing usage context, physical MDM has become increasingly less viable. In this talk, you will see comparison between physical and virtual MDM system and how virtual MDM provides a pragmatic alternative that is cost-effective, highly flexible and integrates seamlessly with the existing...