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Video: Automating Trace Processes for Positive ROI – A Financial Services Case Study
The value of a technology is in the ROI it delivers. In this session, we start by looking at the business impact of automating the Trace process at Direct Legal & Collections, the UK’s largest debt collection provider. The Trace and Verify aspects of the Collections process are typically very manually intensive and a significant proportion of an agent’s time is spent on getting to a point in the process where they can use their experience and knowledge. By reducing this manual effort and fully harnessing the power of Web Automation technology, DLC have been able to reduce costs, speed up...
Video: Agile Telecom Information Strategies in R– Proven Data Virtualization ROI
How do agile information strategies change an organization success in the marketplace? R is a Spanish regional telecommunications company with quadruple-play offerings of phone, TV, internet and mobile. Despite entering a saturated and competitive market, R has gained nearly 70% market share by focusing on Customer Service and Product Innovation. Innovative IT strategies that leverage Data Virtualization throughout its BI and operational applications to complement existing EAI, ETL and Telecom solutions packages, has earned the company “CIO of the Year” title in 2011. This session will inform...