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Seacoast Bank Improves Business Process Efficiency Using a Logical Data Warehouse
Seacoast Bank is a growing community bank that has been in business for over 90 years, with growth coming both organically and through acquisitions. At the same time, the banking industry has seen major shifts in the way that customers would like to interact with financial intuitions driving a need for more sophisticated and integrated data. Seacoast embarked on a project that would give decision makers a holistic view of its entire banking operations. This integrated view of its operations was used by the various Seacoast departments to assist with risk mitigation, enhanced customer service...
Track Keynote: Accelerating Self-Service BI with Logical Data Warehouse
Business intelligence is a critical requirement for understanding business operations and taking timely decisions to stay competitive. However, it can be a challenge if business has to depend on IT to customize the reports every time, thus delaying the timely availability of insights. Self-service BI is needed to address this issue.In this presentation, the VP of Data Warehouse at Seacoast Bank, Mark Blanchette will present:How existing BI systems that are inflexible can constrain the availability of insights to businessBuilding a logical data warehouse as the enterprise data warehousing...