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Denodo DataFest 2016 Interviews: SimplicityBI
An interview with Mano Vajpey from SimplicityBI discussing the implementation of Denodo's Data Virtualization platform.This podcast is part of a series of interviews from Denodo DataFest 2016.
Modern Data Architectures: Deploying Data Virtualization at an Enterprise Scale
Modern data architectures provide agile business solutions at a faster pace. Intel built a modern data architecture with data virtualization at its core for not just one, two, or three projects but a host of them that span the entire enterprise and support important business operations such as supplier lifecycle management.In this presentation, the Enterprise Architect at Intel for data virtualization, Josh Wise will present:The need for agility and speed in a large enterpriseHow Intel built a data virtualization architecture at an enterprise scaleDos and don’ts of building a data...