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Data Virtualization for Single Entity/Customer View
Providing superior customer service is a requirement for any business to thrive today – especially for consumer-oriented organizations. However, too many companies can’t get the complete 360° view of their customer that is required to provide this level of service. Typically, customer data is stored in multiple systems and this requires users to access these systems to get to the customer data. Data Virtualization can provide an easy and effective means to get a single view of your customer data – improving customer service and increasing customer retention and satisfaction.Attend & Get...
Data Virtualization for Master Data Management
Gain a Complete View of the Customer Using Data Virtualization and Master Data Management For many organizations, it is critical to have a complete view of the customer, product, or supplier, to more effectively manage call centers, R&D initiatives, or supplier management operations. Master Data Management (MDM) systems can create a single view of the customer, product, or supplier, as well as a 360° view into the relationships across these entities, but MDM systems are not equipped to capture transactional data. But without transactional data, organizations cannot leverage the power of...