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Data Virtualization: The time is NOW!
Featured Guest: Barry Devlin, Analyst & Principal, 9Sight Consulting
Data Virtualization for Unified Data Services: Fast, Flexible Data Delivery
Featured Guest: Randy Heffner, VP & Principal Analyst & Denodo Customers, Biogen Idec & R Cable.Leading organizations are investing in new business capabilities, but are they tackling the exponential growth of data and process integration challenges?To fully leverage new business capability investments, organizations need faster, more flexible data delivery to a multitude of new applications amidst increasing data volumes, diversity and complexity of data sources. Traditional integration approaches are far too costly and not flexible enough to deliver data when and where required.
DBTA Best Practices: Data Virtualization - Smart Move for Higher ROA!
Read how Data Virtualization increases Return on (Data) Assets – or ROA – in leading organizations
Solutions for Call Centers
Denodo’s solutions help call centers to transition quickly from being reactive cost centers to proactive sources of competitive differentiation that efficiently manage the customer interaction process. Denodo enables a Unified Desktop which becomes a key tool in running an efficient contact center. The Unified Desktop aggregates, within one application, all the relevant information and operative functions necessary during a call. Denodo takes care of accessing the various sources within the enterprise and possibly the external web to provide all the data necessary for the Unified Desktop. It...