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Large American Financial Holding Company Supports Regulatory Compliance with an Agile, Modern Data Architecture
This large financial holding company based in the United States has crossed $50 billion threshold in assets, with the latest acquisition of a retail bank, making it a systemically important financial institution and subjecting themselves to stringent regulatory oversight. To meet compliance requirements, the company needs a controlled data environment to enable intercompany data transfers with a complete understanding of lineage from source to destination. Data virtualization from Denodo enables this finance company to create a Data Services Layer with the agility to integrate new data...
Business Intelligence, Modernized: Cutting Edge Virtualization Technology Meets Advanced Implementation Expertise
SimplicityBI have successfully performed Denodo Platform implementations for a wide variety of companies, including Digital Realty, Fastaff, and TransAlta. Read this solution brief to learn about their recent customer success stories, and how Denodo and SimplicityBI have teamed up to help their customers implement solutions that impact the bottom line.
Where does Fast Data Strategy Fit within IT Projects
Fast Data Strategy is a must for organizations to become and be competitive. There are four use cases where Fast Data Strategy fits within IT Projects - Agile BI, Big Data/ Cloud, Data Services, and Single View. In this presentation, hear how four customers used data virtualization and Fast Data Strategy for these use cases.
Data Virtualization Brings Business Agility to Insurance
Insurance companies are changing strategies for customer growth and retention in response to distribution destruction, catastrophic events, risk-capital regulation, and sharper profiling. Data is essential to these offensive and defensive strategies, but companies struggle to leverage data in disparate internal silos and new external sources in a timely fashion to derive competitive advantage. This document explains how data virtualization addresses this challenge by combining disparate data sources into a single “virtual” data layer that provides a normalized view of different sources and...
Data Virtualization: R offers rapid product innovation and superior customer service
Leading telecommunications vendor R presents how Denodo Data Virtualization technology enabled them to deliver on their corporate mission to compete against established incumbents in their markets by providing rapid product innovation and superior customer service.Key issues addressed:
High Value Uses for Data Virtualization – Analytical, Operational, and Data Management Applications
This session will introduce key concepts and preview two new whitepapers written for Denodo Technologies by independent analyst Mike Ferguson focusing on how to best leverage Data Virtualization. It provides the most comprehensive coverage of different use cases for Virtual Data Services and organizes them into three categories – Analytical/Informational, Operational/Transactional and Data Management. Several real-world examples of these applications across a wide spectrum of industries are provided. The whitepapers are initially being made available “exclusively” to registrants to the World...