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The Phone House Increases Global Efficiency by More than 50% and Reduces Client In-Store Waiting Times by 75% with Denodo Data Virtualization
Before deploying a Data Virtualization solution, there was no direct access to the telecommunication operators systems nor was there any standards or interfaces for automatic information exchange and synchronization (activations, migrations, etc).In order to execute their required business processes via the Web, The Phone House needed to resolve a series of technical difficulties:
Data Virtualization for Web Automation
Denodo advanced Data Virtualization technology supports Web, SaaS and Cloud integration for multiple purposes:
Global Retail Firm Automates Competitive Data Extraction from the Web Using Denodo Data Virtualization
A leading global retailer was looking to strengthen its product and pricing strategies by leveraging competitor product and pricing data available on the web, but faced challenges in scaling the manual data acquisition process. So, the company deployed Data Virtualization to automate the extraction of competitor web data and to combine it with historical data to publish reports that drive decision-making. As a result, the company reduced resource costs, increased revenue opportunities and strengthened decision-making.