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Data Virtualization: Advancements Driving Broad Adoption
Traditional data integration approaches can no longer satisfy today’s new requirements - increasing data volumes, heterogeneous complexity, and extreme agility required to support new business initiatives. Data Virtualization's flexible architecture and expanding features are driving broad adoption and growth as enterprise architects use the technology to create a virtual data services layer to support requirements for secure, self-service access to real-time or batch data for a wide range of applications and processes.
Broad Spectrum Data Virtualization Webinar Series
Five Sessions Covering Trends and Wide-Range of Use Case Patterns of Data Virtualization for 2014 & BeyondData virtualization is more than just Agile BI. Broad spectrum data virtualization is about building a common semantic data layer that serves both Informational and Operational/Transactional business needs. Join leading industry analysts, including Claudia Imhoff and Rick van der Lans, for a webinar series that examines the wide range of use cases for broad spectrum data virtualization.Join the conversation on twitter #broadspectrumDVSession 1 - Broad Spectrum Data Virtualization: An...