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Video: Denodo Solutions at the Climate Corporation

View this case's whitepaper to learn more. Listen to Bhavna Kapoor, BI Architect at the Climate Corporation, discuss how they have used the Denodo Data Virtualization Platform to provide agile reporting and integrate Big Data.

The Climate Corporation’s mission is to help all the world’s people and businesses manage and adapt to climate change. Their flagship product Total Weather Insurance (TWI) aims to protect farmers in the $3 trillion global agriculture industry from the financial impact of adverse weather. Using the most current data tools available, The Climate Corporation analyzes trillions upon trillions of scientific data points across multiple systems and formats to simulate weather events and assess risk to yield for specific crops on a 2.5 x 2.5 mile square of land, adding over 30TB of data per month.

The Climate Corporation looked at a variety of solutions, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of both physical and virtual data integration, before deciding on a Data Virtualization solution from Denodo. There were many factors that influenced this choice:

  • Time to market to meet reporting needs.
  • A flexible tool to meet the dynamic changes in data landscape with new system and data formats being adopted rapidly.
  • A solution that leveraged RESTful interfaces to allow easy integration and move towards exposing all their data as a service.

After looking at other vendors specializing in virtual data integration, Denodo emerged as the platform most suited to meet The Climate Corporation’s needs for an easy to implement solution providing both bespoke SQL views for agile business intelligence and RESTful linked data services for agile application solutions. Denodo’s off-the-shelf connectors for a wide variety of third-party data sources, graphical interface for development and traceability, configurable caching and included ETL option, and support for web services integration were all factors that The Climate Corporation considered in making its decision. And a successful implementation of a POC of real-world reporting needs using Denodo sealed the deal.

After implementing the Denodo Data Virtualization solution, The Climate Corporation saw appreciable results and benefits.
One key result was delivery of a new suite of agile reports for the sales team, customer purchase stats, sales forecast accuracy, agent penetration information - encompassing data from multiple business and scientific data systems. These reports while simple on the surface, would have taken weeks to develop before the introduction of the Denodo Platform. In fact, the BI team measured the impact to be 3X improvement in time-to-market with 1/3rd the team.
Another win was bringing insights to the enterprise using Hive/Denodo to expose reusable data services, which expanded the benefits of data virtualization to new stakeholders in the risk and finance groups within the company.

Looking forward, The Climate Corporation plans to create interactive executive dashboards and a BI portal, leveraging the linked data services capability of the Denodo Platform. In general, with the Denodo platform in place, The Climate Corporation is poised to reap longer-term benefits from the enhanced agility and scalability provided by a unified virtual
data layer across big data, reporting and operational needs.

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