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Product Spotlight: Denodo Express

Data virtualization is a hot topic and more and more software companies are jumping onto the bandwagon and claiming that they provide Data Virtualization capabilities. The result has been a lot of hype and confusion about the definition and capacity of Data Virtualization. This dilution has therefore made it difficult for data management and integration professionals to understand the benefits—and potential pitfalls—of using Data Virtualization. How can these professionals cut through the hype and confusion and understand what Data Virtualization is and what it can do for them? How can theyidentify if Data Virtualization is right for their project?


Prediction: Software Vendor Battles Will Dominate 2015

It’s tough at the top. And it promises to be a battleground in 2015. New players are threatening and in red-hot pursuit of established leaders. And new technologies and new business models are “gotcha’s” for many leaders. Who will play the winning moves and who will forfeit some of their slices of the pie?  


One-Stop Access to Health Care Enrollment Becomes a Reality with Denodo.

"The Denodo Platform was able to quickly and affordably address our complex integration needs. Its highly scalable, real-time Web process automation capabilities efficiently handle the rapid explosion of our diverse Web applications used by consumers, businesses and government employees. Unlike traditional integration methods, Denodo extends business process management to the Web using a ubiquitous Web browser interface to enable us to easily extract information from the Web to feed to other business and Web applications… " - The Center to Promote HealthCare Access, Inc


2014 View from the Top Denodo

The race is on! Winners and losers in business are being decided based on who can extract more value from exponentially increasing information, with agility, to meet business goals. The vision of many to many, data sources to data consumers, is very appealing to top executives but IT is struggling to get there fast enough. Data Virtualization offers the solution that is fast and strategic at the same time. With Denodo, business strategists, CIOs and other IT experts can plan the implementation of a shared data layer across the enterprise, expose a  common data model and a unified interface over a multiplicity of diverse data sources that can feed and support an increasing number of business applications, from BI and analytics to portals, operational applications and web and mobile apps.


New No-Cost Data Virtualization Tool Solves Data Integration Challenges

Denodo Express is the industry’s first no-cost data virtualization tool. It allows data management professionals to start proving the value of data virtualization by generating new data insights in hours instead of weeks, thus providing business with faster access to information that’s consistent, reliable, and trusted across the enterprise. The solution connects to disparateon-premises, cloud, Big Data, structured and unstructured sources to create normalized views integrated and cleansed in real time or in-memory for on-demand consumption. 


Leveraging the Power of DV to Address Critical Business Problems

A report by Forrester Research, Inc. titled, Information Fabric 3.0”, Principal Analyst Noel Yuhanna stated, “Our interviews of several organizations that have implemented data virtualization show that business stakeholders are demanding faster access to information that’s consistent, reliable, and trusted across the enterprise.  Without a data virtualization strategy, you risk knowing less about your customer, delivering fewer real-time business insights, losing competitive advantage, and spending more to address data challenges.”



New Product News from Dell Software, Denodo, Orchestra, Others

Continuent, a provider of open source database clustering and replication solutions, announced Continuent Tungsten 3.0, a new solution that combines both advanced clustering and replication technologies to meet the transaction processing and analytic needs of the entire business. By enabling constant, high-speed and always-available access to data, combined with the ability to process transactions over multiple sites while tightly integrating transaction processing with data warehouses and analytics, the solution exemplifies the concept of Data Fabric by providing a complete set of integrated systems to solve business problems.


Denodo Releases Free Data Virtualization Tool

Denodo Express, a free data virtualization tool with a graphical user interface-based studio, is the latest product offered by Denodo Technologies, Inc. Denodo Express connects with and integrates on-premises, in the cloud, structured, unstructured and big data sources. These sources are then delivered and available to end users, as well as enterprise applications, dashboards, portals, Intranet, search and other tools.


Denodo Launches Free Data Virtualization Solution

Denodo, a provider of data virtualization software, has introduced Denodo Express, a free data virtualization solution for developers and data architects intended to show potential customers how beneficial data virtualization can be.


Denodo Releases the First No-Cost Data Virtualization Solution for Developers and Data Architects

A new article out of the company reports, “Denodo Technologies, the leader in Data Virtualization, today announced Denodo Express (DE), the industry’s first no-cost Data Virtualization tool. Designed to democratize Data Virtualization, Denodo Express allows data management professionals to start proving the value of Data Virtualization by generating new data insights in hours instead of weeks. Quick, agile and powerful, DE enables developers and data architects to integrate disparate data, unleash value with agility, and impact business needs and results.”