AAA Uses Virtualized Data to Deliver Flexible Information Architecture


Masha Bykin
"Data virtualization has definitely met our expectations with our initial set of use cases, and it has also opened up options in new IT areas."
Masha Bykin Data Development Lead

AAA of Northern CA, NV, and UT, is the second-largest regional member club of the national organization AAA and serves more than 4 million Members in over 80+ branch offices in Northern California, Nevada and Utah. The AAA Emergency Road Service responds to almost 30 million distress calls from members nationally. 

No one would change their tires while cruising the highway, but the American Automobile Association (AAA) did something close: The 50-million-plus member organization was able to split into two independent divisions without disrupting daily operations, thanks to the Denodo Platform. 

Migration without Downtime, and More

The Denodo Platform’s data virtualization layer facilitated the transition of IT systems at AAA because it abstracted data-consuming applications from changes in the underlying sources during the migration process. Processes in the virtual layer could be designed or modified in hours vs. weeks, which kept critical reporting tools and other operational applications working without disruption.

But migration was just the beginning for AAA. After implementing the Denodo Platform, and facilitating the transition, AAA benefited from a data architecture that was more flexible and agile overall, as it enabled the organization to introduce changes at the source, target, or middleware layer, without disrupting existing workflows. By substituting data virtualization for extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes, AAA was also able to reduce maintenance and development costs. 


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  • Industry: Insurance
  • Location: Emeryville, CA
  • Solution: BI and Analytics
  • Product: Denodo Platform, On Premise

At a glance

AAA quickly connected the silos created by restructuring.

AAA migrated data to a new infrastructure without disrupting operations.

Data virtualization masked end users from migration complexities.

AAA avoided the maintenance costs associated with ETL processes.

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