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Mastan Pasha Shaik
"Our rollout of the Denodo Platform was one of the easiest and most successful rollouts of critical enterprise software I have ever seen."
Mastan Pasha Shaik Principal Architect

Asurion is a consumer electronics insurance and warranty provider that serves more than 300 million consumers globally across 18 countries. With it’s global 19,000 employees Asurion generates around $6B in annual revenue. Asurion added Premium Support Services, innovation in digital device and digital home management; that required data science and predictive analytics to offer better customer satisfaction.

For Asurion, a company that provides protection and support services for smartphones and other everyday devices, enhancing the customer experience is a prime directive. The Denodo Platform enabled Asurion to take that to the next level.

A Happier Customer

Asurion had specific goals for enhancing the customer experience, including higher-touch, premium tech support, but to implement these initiatives, the company needed better predictive analytics and IoT capabilities, as well as better support for big data architecture. Leveraging the Denodo Platform, Asurion developed a new data infrastructure that provides data virtualization both on-premises and in the cloud.

Serving as a hybrid data layer, the new infrastructure seamlessly connects data from disparate sources, including data scattered across text, voice, streaming data, third-party data, and various other structured, unstructured, and telemetry based sources, to support Asurion’s new customer-facing initiatives. By serving as a unified layer for accessing Asurion’s data assets, the new infrastructure also enabled stakeholders to manage security and compliance from a single control point.

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  • Industry: Insurance
  • Location: USA
  • Solution: Data Governance, Cloud Solutions
  • Product: Denodo Platform for AWS

At a glance

Asurion is better able to correlate data from disparate sources.

Asurion can release new, data-dependent products and services.

Data scientists can securely access enterprise data for predictive analytics.

The new infrastructure facilitated country-specific compliance and data security.

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