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Business Need

Asurion’s new digital home premium support service required strong predictive analytics, IoT capabilities, and big data architecture support, to be able to provide customers with the right experience. Asurion also faced strict restrictions on migrating data, and had to remain compliant with stringent governmental regulations. As a part of this effort, Asurion needed to centralize company wide security management around a single point of control.


Asurion created a three-tier architecture with the Denodo Platform providing data virtualization both on-premises and in the cloud, as well as a consuming layer that contained Layer7, a security and management solution, and TIBCO Spotfire BI. The Denodo Platform established a hybrid data layer that abstracted data consumers from the complexities of access across on-premises and cloud sources while also providing better data integration for improved analytics.


With the hybrid data layer in place, Asurion is able to better discover and correlate data from disparate sources, and also engage in predictive analytics with data scattered across text, voice, streaming data, third-party data, and various other structured, unstructured, and telemetry based sources.

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