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Rick Hart
Data virtualization is the key feature we used to develop a transformational and scalable analytics platform.
Rick Hart Director of Technology Solutions

BioStorage Technologies is a leading provider of sample management services to the scientific research community. BioStorage is changing the way that companies treat their biomedical samples – from treating samples as a one-off commodity to recognizing that samples are reusable and valuable scientific assets.

When scientists need biological samples to aid in their research, they turn to Brooks Life Sciences, formerly BioStorage. And when BioStorage wanted to go beyond managing biological samples to providing additional technology services, BioStorage turned to the Denodo Platform.

An Expanded Vision

As part of its expanded vision, BioStorage developed the ISIDOR platform, built on a foundation of the Amazon hosting platform; the Denodo Platform, for its data virtualization capabilities; and the MicroStrategy data visualization platform. The Denodo Platform established a logical data warehouse that virtually connects BioStorage’s global sample data to relevant research data, without replication, enabling customers to access sample data anytime, from anywhere around the world. The Denodo Platform also enabled BioStorage to offer new solutions as SaaS offerings.

A major pharmaceutical company wanted to use ISIDOR for analyzing test results, patient consent, and other demographics. This was proof that BioStorage had begun to establish itself as a company that, beyond providing sample management solutions, had also become a provider of technology solutions.

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BioStorage Tech.

At a glance

BioStorage was able to offer expanded sample lifecycle management solutions.

Data is quickly integrated across biobanks, clinics, and research facilities.

The secure new logical data warehouse is accessible globally.

BioStorage can provide sample management solutions as SaaS offerings.

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