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Business Need

Drillinginfo’s growth required next generation products to support key Oil & Gas market segments. Rapid time-to-market for these products and applications was crucial and the Data Tech team needed to rapidly deliver a data platform that supported the internal application development team. Also, swift delivery of data directly to the customers was needed. They needed a solution that would quickly expose data sources through a variety of data services to the development team and their customers.

The Solution

Given the Denodo Platform’s ability to rapidly expose the underlying data from the source systems as data services, Drillinginfo decided to use the solution to manage and quickly provision all of the data to the product development team and its customers. Drillinginfo has created a virtual data abstraction layer using the Denodo Platform above the various data sources.


Building usable web services for developing applications used to take 1 – 2 weeks; with Denodo’s data virtualization solution, this process now takes less than 1 day. Drillinginfo now has just one full time developer and a part time data virtualization admin managing the entire data virtualization process. About 20 – 30 internal developers and 7 external customers are using the data services to build data-driven applications. The Denodo Platform has saved Drillinginfo precious time and resources to achieve the primary benefit of rapid time-to-market for their products.

Other Resources

Case Study Video: Drillinginfo

In this video, Jay Heydt, Manager of Database Technologies, Drillinginfo discusses how they used data virtualization to create a Logical Enterprise Warehouse with virtualized data.

Case Study: Drillinginfo Pumps Data-driven Applications Faster Using Denodo’s Data Virtualization Platform

Drillinginfo uses Denodo’s caching mechanism to store data about business entities such as wells, completions, producing entities, permits, and so on, which are exposed as data services, analytics services, and map services. These services are then used by their internal application developers as well as customers to build applications.

Case Study Video: Data Services – Rapid Application Development using Data Virtualization

Drillinginfo uses data virtualization to manage and quickly provision data to the product development team and its customers.

Webinar: Data Services Marketplace Customer Success Stories

In this video, Paul Moxon, Head of Product Management at Denodo, presents data services marketplace customer success stories, using DrillingInfo and Guardian Life as main examples.

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