Enverus Pumps Data-driven Applications Faster Using Denodo’s Data Virtualization Platform


Jay Heydt

The Denodo Platform enables us to build and deliver data services to our internal and external consumers within a day instead of the 1–2 weeks that we would take with ETL.

Jay Heydt Sr. Data Engineer, Enverus

Enverus is the leading SaaS and data analytics company for energy exploration decision support, helping the oil and gas industry achieve better, faster results. Enverus services more than 300 financial institutions and more than 5,000 energy companies , with their more than 1500 employees.

Accelerated Intelligence

Enverus used the Denodo Platform to establish a logical data warehouse that can seamlessly unify data from numerous structured and unstructured sources, along with data from a traditional physical data warehouse. The logical data warehouse streamlines access to modern and legacy sources, and enables the creation of data services that can be readily consumed by both internal and external users.

It used to take Enverus as long as two weeks to build usable web services for developing applications, but with the Denodo Platform, the company can now build them in less than a day. Also, Enverus can manage the entire Denodo Platform implementation with just one full-time developer and one part-time data virtualization admin. Between 20 and 30 internal developers are now using the data services to build data-driven applications, as well as a growing number of external oil and gas customers. The Denodo Platform has saved Enverus precious time and resources, enabling the company to accelerate its customers’ product time-to-market.

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  • Website: https://www.enverus.com/
  • Industry: Energy and Utilities
  • Location: USA
  • Solution: Data Services, BI and Analytics

At a glance

Accelerated the time-to-market for oil and gas companies.

Established internal and external data services.

Experienced a 10x improvement in response time over ETL processes.

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