Business Need

  • Erasmus MC wanted to invest in a centralized Electronic Health Record system, replacing at least 250 dispersed applications.
  • The new system required a modern BI and analytics platform, capable of easily connecting to big data systems.
  • Erasmus needed a future-proof platform from which doctors, staff, and researchers could access information with their choice of tools.


  • Erasmus implemented the Denodo Platform, which uses data virtualization to combine patients’ genomic data with clinical data, for personalized treatment and medication.
  • The Denodo Platform connects to consuming applications for department-specific reporting and predictive analytics.
  • The Denodo Platform offers broad connectivity, supporting the multitudes of tools that Erasmus end users employ for reporting.


  • Faster time-to-value – Legacy systems were almost unresponsive, so the Denodo Platform’s near-real-time response is extremely beneficial to all users.
  • Cost reduction – The inherent flexibility of the Denodo Platform helps reduce project cycle time and maintenance costs.
  • Performance – The agile BI platform, enabled by the Denodo Platform, delivers against management KPIs that drive strategic organizational decisions.


Webinar: A Customer Case Study in Logical Data Warehouse (live from Denodo DataFest 2017)

Watch this webinar to learn about how Erasmus University Medical Center built their logical data warehouse.



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