Michael Besin Hansen
After implementing the Denodo Platform, our development cycles were significantly accelerated.
Michael Besin Hansen Head of Data Systems

Get is a Norwegian telecommunications provider with over a million customers. The company provides broadband, mobile, and television services, and for years the company has distributed television content using a traditional linear consumption model.

Get recently began to offer on-demand content, but to do that effectively, the company needed its representatives to be able to treat each customer as an individual. This did not seem like an easy task: Get needed to capture customer activity, including recently viewed or purchased content, and combine this information with other details, in real time. To accomplish this, Get implemented the Denodo Platform.

Customers for Life

By leveraging the Denodo Platform to establish a multi-purpose data-access layer using data virtualization, Get is able to provide analysts with integrated data drawn from across multiple departments and touch-points, fast enough to support better, faster business decisions. This accelerated Get’s entire development cycle. The Denodo Platform was instrumental in helping the sales team to better know each individual customer, which, in turn, enabled Get to design more personalized products that keep customers engaged and loyal.


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  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Location: Norway
  • Solution: BI and Analytics
  • Product: Denodo Platform

At a glance

The Denodo Platform enabled better, faster decisions by integrating data from myriad data sources in real time.

Get accelerated its development time.

With improved data access, Get can design more personalized products to drive loyalty and engagement.

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