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Jazztel faced the following challenges with its call center

  • No unified view of customer information – reduced upselling/cross-selling
  • Delayed customer service as agents had to consult multiple applications
  • Reduced scalability to support business growth


  • Denodo deployed to enable ‘Unified Desktop’ that provides integrated customer information
  • Integrated informational and operational sources to build data services to feed call center applications, self-service portals
  • Enabled high performance to allow over 400 agents to concurrently extract data


Jazztel saw the following benefits from building the Unified Desktop using Denodo -

  • Increased the quality of customer service, achieving a satisfaction index of over 94%
  • Decreased back-office workload by more than 50%
  • Increased First Call Resolution rate to over 90%
  • Doubled the level of Customer Retention
  • Provided an immediate return on investment

The Quotes

“Denodo is our main partner in the contact center as it enables high quality interactions and we have noticed significant improvements in customer call times and in solving customers’ problem on the very first call.”
Juan Manuel Monedero – Director of Customer Applications, Jazztel

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Jazztel doubles its client retention rate and reduces back-office workload by more than 50% with a unified desktop provided by Denodo.

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Jazztel doubles its client retention rate by increasing "first call resolution" rate by over 90 percent.

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