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Business Need

  • Logitech needed to transition IT operations to the cloud to increase performance via more reliable, efficient, and cost-effective data analytics.
  • Performance and time/speed-to-delivery issues needed to be addressed; the data warehouse could no longer be extended. 
  • Security requirements across multiple analytical tools needed to be centralized.


  • The Denodo Platform establishes a consistent business layer in the cloud (AWS) and prevents users from directly accessing the data sources.
  • The Denodo Platform integrates data across Amazon Redshift, other cloud, and on-premises sources and feeds Tableau, Pentaho BA, and other analytics tools.
  • The Denodo Platform serves as a central security layer to ensure secure access across multiple analytics tools.


  • Efficiency and reliability – Logitech’s transition to the cloud has been embraced as a model for innovation and agility.
  • Consistent security – synchronized security across multiple analytics tools.
  • Agility – Rapid prototyping of new data sources with proper governance structure.

Other Resources

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