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Phone House


  • High manual efforts in keeping data in sync with external service provider systems over extranets
  • Greater errors in customer activation process due to data inconsistencies between internal and external operational systems
  • Reduced customer service levels due to delays and errors in phone plan activations and migrations


  • Denodo Data Virtualization was deployed to build the Phone House B2B process automation solution
  • Denodo’s connectors provided standard interfaces and bidirectional integration with external telecom operator systems
  • Denodo’s web automation capabilities automated the extraction and synchronization of customer and plan data with internal operational systems
  • The web automation allowed automation of hundreds of navigations to be performed on different operator websites


  • Automation of manual sync processes led to 50% increase in productivity at the point of sale and a saving of 10,000 man-days a year
  • Denodo has also enabled a scalable and fault resistant architecture has allowed the company to scale its existing operations to manage over 1 million connections per year
  • Increased accuracy due to automation has minimized operational errors such as commission leakage, leading to a saving of up to 5 M € per year
  • The Denodo platform has increased agility and led to faster go-to-market with new product offerings

The Quotes

“The Phone House chose Denodo Data Virtualization due to its overall functionality, rapid deployment times, low global cost and immediate return of the investment.”
David García Hernando, Business Exchange Manager, The Phone House.

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The Phone House increases global efficiency by more than 50% and reduces client in-store waiting times by 75% with Denodo Data Virtualization.

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The Phone House reduces client's waiting time by 75% and benefits from a 50% improvement in overall in-store efficiency thanks to Denodo Data Virtualization.

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