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R Cable


R faced the following challenges in providing customer service and speeding up product time to market.

  • Reduced customer service - agents had to access multiple applications to get the required information.
  • Delayed product time to market - underlying data spread across multiple sources in different formats
  • High development and maintenance costs - integrating customer data from disparate sources such as applications, databases, flat files etc.


  • Denodo used to access and normalize over 110 data sources including databases, applications, web services, LDAP directories, plain text files and external websites
  • Source views combined to build canonical data entities and data services consumed by BMP tool Vitria, call center front-end tool Siebel, self-service portal and mobile apps used by fulfillment and reseller partners
  • Denodo used by applications for read (informational) as well as write-back (transactional) operations


The use of the Denodo Data Virtualization Platform enabled R to create a single view of the customer which led to the following benefits -

  • Increase in customer loyalty by 15% due to complete and timely customer service by call center agents and self-service portals
  • Reduced time to market with products due to increased agility and flexibility in data delivery
    • Increased revenue opportunities from upselling/cross-selling and targeted product recommendations

The Quotes

“Denodo’s Data Virtualization Platform enabled us to build reusable data services in a matter of hours instead of weeks/months, thereby making IT response faster and reducing costs.”

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