Dr. Jürgen Bohn
The Denodo Platform provides us with the flexibility and agility we need in a complex, dynamic environment.
Dr. Jürgen Bohn Head of Innovation Cluster Artificial Intelligence at Schaeffler

Schaeffler, one of the world’s largest industrial suppliers for automotive, aerospace and industrial uses, providing high-precision components and systems in engine, transmission, and chassis applications, as well as rolling and plain bearing solutions. Schaeffler earned more than €13.9B in revenue in 2021 and operates with more than 83,000 employees worldwide.

Schaeffler may produce innovative, high-end equipment for vehicles, but under the hood, Schaeffler is a data-driven company. So when Schaeffler wanted to improve the quality of decision making throughout the company by providing management with more relevant, timely information, while also saving costs, Schaeffler implemented the Denodo Platform.

An Enhanced Data Infrastructure

The Denodo Platform enabled Schaeffler to establish a logical data warehouse architecture that optimizes applications and streamlines business processes by seamlessly integrating data from myriad solutions, including a data lake and an on-premises data warehouse. The new infrastructure eliminated a large number of manual data processing and delivery steps while providing business stakeholders with better, faster information.

With the new infrastructure, which improves and accelerates collaboration between cross-functional teams, Schaeffler can engage in agile profiling, piloting, and prototyping, which has in turn reduced development time. The Denodo Platform’s query optimization capabilities were instrumental in improving performance to enable these and other accelerated processes for Schaeffler.



At a glance

The Denodo Platform enables Schaeffler to easily connect with a wide range of different data sources, including a data lake, IOT sources, legacy IT systems, external data via web services, and simple Excel files.


Schaeffler provided business stakeholders with more relevant, timely intelligence.


Schaeffler streamlined collaboration, reducing manual labor and development time.

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