Johan de Coning
“Denodo is a breakthrough technology for us. It makes our architecture more scalable and enables us to integrate a greater variety of data sources.”
Johan de Coning Former Business Intelligence Manager

SilverChain is a 110-year-old not-for-profit organization. It assists over 105k people, and the company employs 4,400 health care professionals. SilverChain had an aging data architecture consisting of mostly on-premises legacy systems with no data stored in the cloud. There was no role played by the APIs in their data ecosystem. All of these issues made the architecture rigid, leaving no room for modernization. The company wanted to build a data ecosystem with client-centricity as its main focus. Stakeholders wanted a tightly integrated architecture with enhanced interoperability between people and digital platforms.

A More Scalable, Manageable Data Architecture

SilverChain used mostly traditional data integration techniques. It took a long time to load its legacy data warehouse, and IT was not able to deliver data to the business quickly enough. As part of the company’s infrastructure modernization program, SilverChain wanted to enhance its client onboarding system and start a new analytics and reporting unit. The Denodo Platform was initially used to feed data into SilverChain’s HoloLens project, a system that leverages holography for remote medicine, but its use was later expanded to all the other major systems including Datix (the incident management system), DocuSign (medication info), and the new client portal. SilverChain used the Denodo Platform to build an interoperability layer that centralized the data delivery process.



At a glance

The Denodo Platform made the DocuSign integration possible, enabling SilverChain’s in-field doctors to access patient medication information.

SilverChain used the Denodo Platform to ingest data into its data warehouse and was able to do away with its legacy backup and restore process.

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