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Swiss Re

Business Need

Swiss Re’s Property & Casualty unit needed to provide underwriters, claims managers, business actuaries and other stakeholders with access to 360° views of relevant data for faster business decision making. Swiss Re wanted to complement their traditional architecture, which was unable to provide real-time 360° views, with an agile data integration platform. Swiss Re also wanted to provide easy data access to end users, portals and application through OData standards.


To meet the needs of its internal clients, Swiss Re introduced data virtualization using the Denodo Platform. Denodo platform combines data from various sources in real-time, establishes a service layer based on OData standards and makes the combined data available to consuming applications including web based portals and BI tools.


The Denodo Platform provides all-inclusive views of critical information. In addition, it enables use cases that involves real-time data from transactional systems, external services like newsfeeds and data for smart analytics. The platform has also reduced development time and enabled the construction of simplified data models with new functionality.

Other Resources

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