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US Department of VA

Business Need

  • The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) needed to create a robust data integration platform to support diverse data types and sources, and also to integrate all performance monitoring tools.
  • The VA needed to support various reporting and operational systems, which were responsible for running their largest data center in Austin, Texas. 
  • The VA needed to make the Portal to Payment (PtoP) claim management process paperless and fully automated, and the department also needed to simplify the PtoP dashboarding architecture.


  • The VA leveraged the Denodo Platform, which uses data virtualization to aggregate two databases into a single view, integrating all performance monitoring tools.
  • The Denodo Platform feeds the PtoP dashboard, which shows all the various systems and associated incidents, thresholds, and related information.
  • The Denodo Platform also aggregates business and labor data that is spread across standalone spreadsheets, access databases, and Primavera systems. 


  • ROI – Denodo increased data center uptime by a multitude of factors thus generating substantial ROI for the organization
  • Expedited processing – the Denodo Platform has significantly reduced the claims processing time, which directly increases satisfaction among their 22 million customers.
  • Enhanced intelligence – Executives can easily drill down to any system specific information, for better business insights.

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