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Business Need

  • Due to a rapidly changing insurance industry, Zurich needed to engage in the agile development of data assets, leveraging new data sources.
  • ETL could not handle the XML sources stored in 13,000 elements in 10+ products; Zurich needed to lower the cost of making changes.
  • Delivery bottlenecks often caused slow times-to-market; Zurich needed an infrastructure to manage and organize disparate data sources. 
  • Zurich needed to develop a solution with a single point of entry, which would enable the company to better adapt to changes for a competitive advantage. 


  • Zurich leveraged the Denodo Platform, which uses data virtualization to directly connect to SQL servers that contain tables of XML strings, to be used as a virtual staging wrapper.
  • The Denodo Platform creates views over XML to represent core entities for reporting, and these views are cached to the SQL server.
  • Relational, reporting, and analytical stores are published as consumable data sets to be accessed by Alteryx and Qlik.


  • Creative data sourcing has reduced the cost/time-to-market, for a competitive advantage developed.
  • The previous ETL process took 1 week; the Denodo Platform takes just 1 hour.
  • The resource requirement has been reduced from 4 to 1.5 FTE, an improvement of more than 60%.
  • A single point of entry enables Zurich to use one quarter of the resources to do the same process and more.

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