Denodo Certification FAQ


How do I register for a Denodo certification exam?

When can I take my Denodo certification exam?

How can I retrieve my forgotten password?

What is the exam eligibility?

What is your refund policy?

Are there prerequisites? Do I need to take a training course before taking a Denodo certification exam?

Do I need a Denodo Community account to take the Denodo Certification exam?

How many tries do I have when I purchase a Denodo certification exam?

How can I prepare my exam?

Taking the Exam

How do I launch my exam?

What are the technical requirements for taking an exam?

Do I need to provide any information to access the exam?

Does the exam offer any type of proctoring?

Does the platform have access to my computer or its contents?

What happens to the pictures of my screen? Who has access to those?

What are the exam rules?

What happens if I break any of the rules?

What types of questions are on the exam?

Am I allowed to access any documentation during the exam?

What if I have any technical problem during the exam?

After the Exam

When will I get my results?

What information will I receive after completing the exam?

How can I use my achieved badge?

Can I see the questions of my exam?

What if I don’t pass the exam?

Where can I check my Denodo certification status?

What is a certification Id?

How to use a certification Id?

Does my certification title expire?

I earned a Denodo 6.0 certification, is it compatible with the Denodo 7.0 certifications?