Architecting a Hybrid Data Ecosystem | TDWI Checklist Report

Create cohesive structure and governance for your multiplatform data. 

One of the strongest trends in data architecture today is toward the hybrid data ecosystem. This is a complex, multiplatform environment where data is physically distributed across many database servers and file systems, with storage both on premises and in the cloud.

Hybrid data ecosystems present many challenges. Users find it difficult to wrap their heads around the extreme complexity. Data moves from platform to platform relentlessly as users repurpose data for multiple use cases—making it difficult to govern data and track its lineage.

Despite the challenges, TDWI sees users succeeding with hybrid data ecosystems. They are in production today in a wide range of industries and organizations of all sizes

This report drills into the data requirements of the hybrid data ecosystem with a focus on the role of data virtualization. The goal of the report is to accelerate your understanding of evolving data architecture and equip you to modernize and integrate your data ecosystem.

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