Dynamic Data Marketplace: Fast Data for Fast Business

Remember the data warehousing promises of the past? Single source of the truth, reliable data when and where needed, and so on. These promises were rarely realized, and even when they were, they were never quite enough. Why the gap between expectations and reality? Much of the problem stems from the way we think about data. Enterprise data warehousing assumes that data is a thing to be stored, processed, and managed by technology organizations.

We must learn to think about data in an entirely different way—data as a service that is accessed, processed, analyzed, and reported by everyone who has a need for information. With data services presented through a “storefront” interface where users can shop for best-fit data to meet their needs, we can make the shift from the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) to the enterprise data marketplace (EDM).

Download this whitepaper to learn more about:

  • What happened to make data warehousing insufficient to meet today’s data and information needs?
  • The rise of the data marketplace and the impact this had on modern organizations
  • The main challenges for organizations when locating their data
  • The role of the dynamic data catalog
  • The main characteristics of the enterprise data marketplace

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