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Data Virtualization Brings Business Agility to Insurance

Insurance companies are changing strategies for customer growth and retention in response to distribution destruction, catastrophic events, risk-capital regulation, and sharper profiling. Data is essential to these offensive and defensive strategies, but companies struggle to leverage data in disparate internal silos and new external sources in a timely fashion to derive competitive advantage.

This document explains how data virtualization addresses this challenge by combining disparate data sources into a single “virtual” data layer that provides a normalized view of different sources and delivers this data to users and applications in real-time (or right-time) without the need to create more replicated data stores.

In order to take a closer look, this document describes four customer success stories, specifically from the insurance sector, to see how they are benefitting from data virtualization.

Additionally, you can also find the top 10 reasons to choose Denodo as well as information on the Denodo Platform architecture and benefits.